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We sell all categories of SSD Chemical solution for the cleaning and anti-breezing or stained money in multiple regions including Asia, USA and Europe. Contact us to get the easy services and delivery from our well-reputed and qualified technicians. We are ready to serve you 24/7.
We are one of the best dealers for counterfeit money for sale online. Our main focus is the secure printing of fake money and the production of fake notes through bank printing.
We offer different and unique services as compared to our competitors. Our counterfeit notes are undetectable. We focused on the distinct quality, high services and cutting edge technology for the production of counterfeit notes. As we offer a unique and cost-effective solution for every type of currency and notes.

SSD Solution Chemical

This chemical solution uses an anti-breeze to remove the stains and excessive substances from the notes. It is one of the main chemicals for the cleaning industry.
You can use it to clean the defaced money easily. It includes the cleaning of black money, anti-breeze notes and all types of stamped banknotes. SSD chemical solution offers top quality services as compared to another component. As it offers the fastest and efficient results.

Crystal/Activation Powder

Activation powder is known as one of the reactivation members of SSD family. This powder uses for all kind of old notes and bills to convert it into new bills and notes by transferring the colours.
Are you searching for activation powder and SSD solution then you are at the right place. We offer quality services with quality delivery of products.
However, it works when you mixed it with SSD or Castrox oxide for the preparation of de-iced chemicals.

Mercury Mercuric

This highly poisoned compound of mercury mercuric available in brown and blue colour. This liquid is formed under the rights and reservations. It is also known as mercury dioxide insoluble in water and used for removing the anti-breeze and stains from the banknotes.
So, it helps to give the black money it’s the original colour. However, this solution turns the white into the black before transferring it into the original colour.

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We at SSD Cloud Chemicals focus on offering the top-notch and quality cleaning services for the currency. With the great and excellent customer support system and satisfaction, we can do everything to offer quality services.
We have professional and expert technician’s team to meet your expectations and requirements.

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We are one of the leading industries for the cleaning of notes. Our main concern is to serve the financial industry through these chemicals. So, our main clients are international banks and other organizations deal with fake money.


Not only we offer the SSD solution for sale and counterfeit money for sale, offer cleaning machines as well. We offer a highly efficient 3D cleaning machine to provide cleaning services all around the world.
However, we released our machines and competent technicians after getting a request from clients. So, the customers can do the job quickly with machines as compared to manual cleaning.
Our latest 3D automatic cleaning machine is all you need to get the quality services for the cleaning and detailing of all types of banknotes without any damage.
SSD Cloud Chemicals is a certified company to offer the cleaning services within the USA, Asia, Europe, China and the middle east. So, you can clean the lottery money, stamped notes, banknotes and black money with complete security features with the help of our automatic machines.
You can get our cleaning machine on rent, lease or sale to get the cleaning services for a huge amount of notes depending on customer’s negotiation.
Our quality cleaning machines guarantee to offer highly efficient services for the older notes of five years, ten years and much more easily. We got your back with our 100% satisfied services and products.

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