CCC Spray Fluid PK58

It is one of the essential elements of SSD solution also known as mercurous segment solid-liquid fluid. CCC Spray Fluid PK58 used to separate the enveloped currency or notes.

Moreover, it helps to detached the intersected bills and notes. So, it also used to separate the defaced and torn notes from the cleaned notes and currency.

Just like as Vectrol paste and activation powder, this spray is also an essential element of SSD chemical solution for the desired cleaning of banknotes.

SSD Chemical Solution:

For the clients, we prefer to sell these chemicals online. As we offer the safe and secure delivery of these highly dangerous chemicals without any failure.

Because our professional team of chemists knows about the right delivery of this SSD chemical solution including CCC Spray fluid PK58.

Moreover, the application of this spray doesn’t need any kind of assistance. So, you can use it by yourself instead of hiring professionals.

On the other hand, we offer complete and strict directions to the customers to handle this SSD chemical solution. So, the clients can perform this task without any difficulty.

Furthermore, it consists of SSD3 solution, Castro X oxide and PK58 automatic solution. These chemicals and elements are used during the refinement and restoration of the notes.

For this, during the cleaning processing of the notes, we start to remove the stains from the root. So, the notes can be cleaned perfectly.

Moreover, you can perform this process easily especially while working on a large quantity. The best thing is, there will be no difference between processes and unprocessed notes.

So, with the help of this spray, you can clean your defaced money easily. Furthermore, this spray will help to clean and separate the defaced money as well as enveloped money.

Vectrol Paste:

It is also known as an automatic solution for cleaning family. Moreover, Vectrol paste used for the cleaning stained and anti-breeze banknotes.

So, you can buy CCC Spray fluid PK58 as well as this paste for the cleaning of notes. Furthermore, you can use this paste along with other SSD solutions for restoration and discoloration.

So, it’s really useful and can be carried out easily. Moreover, this paste is a great solution while dealing with a large quantity of defaced money.

However, it’s better to use it with complete instructions and guidelines for better outcomes.

Activation Powder:

This powder is available in a white crystal form. Moreover, activation powder is known as one of the main elements for the discolouration of banknotes.

Just like CCC spray fluid PK58, this powder is used for the cleaning of black money and transfer the colour into the original. Furthermore, this powder is used to coat money for the cleaning.

After processing, stains removed from the currency. So, it’s effective even in a little amount. Therefore, the demand for this powder is higher as compared to other chemicals of SSD chemical solution family.

That’s why it has a huge market based on demand and this product manufactures and sells within no time.


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